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Tamara Tenenbaum

The End of Love

Cover: The End of Love - Tamara Tenenbaum

Tamara Tenenbaum

The End of Love

2024, pp. 288, e-Book
ISBN: 9781787704985
Translated by: Carolina Parodi
Region: Argentina
Book collection: Europa Compass
Paper Paper Paper
£ 10.99
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The book

A feminist manifesto on how we understand romantic love today

“Lucid and charming, Tenembaum’s narrative and her use of auto-fiction to dive into diverse aspects of realities, achieves her goal of transcending individuality.”—El País

The End of Love takes on many of the most disconcerting, complex problems of our intimate, everyday lives with the perfect mix of modesty and ambition.” —Revista Otra Parte

Born and raised in an Orthodox Jewish community in the heart of Buenos Aires, Tamara Tenenbaum learned the sexual and emotional habits of the secular world like an anthropologist discovering an unknown civilisation.

The End of Love is a tool for the creative destruction of romantic love and the principles that sustain it so that from its ashes, a better love—one that makes men and women freer in their relationships—can rise.

Drawing from philosophy, feminist militancy, conversations with friends, and from an attempt to turn her own experience into a laboratory for personal and collective reflection, Tenembaum dives into the universe of affection, proposes the eroticization of consent, and celebrates the end of romantic love as we know it.

The author

Tamara Tenenbaum
Tamara Tenenbaum was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1989. She is a lecturer at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and teaches Creative Writing at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Argentina. She writes for Vice, La Nación, Infobae, Anfibia, and Orsai. In 2017 she published a collection of poems and in 2018 she was awarded the Premio Ficciones for her book Nadie vive tan cerca de nadie. Her first long-form essay, The End of Love has been published to great critical acclaim in Latin America, Spain and Italy. An Amazon Prime series based on the book premiered in 2022.

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