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S J Naudé

Fathers and Fugitives

Cover: Fathers and Fugitives - S J Naudé

S J Naudé

Fathers and Fugitives

2024, pp. 192, Paperback
ISBN: 9781787705432
Translated by: Michiel Heyns
Region: South Africa
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£ 14.99
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The book

An inventive and emotionally charged novel about fatherhood and family, loyalty and betrayal, inheritance and belonging.

Daniel is a worldly and urbane journalist living in London. His relationships appear to be sexually fulfilling but sentimentally meagre. He has no relationships outside of sexual ones, and can seem at once callow and, at times, cold to the point of cruel with his lovers. Emotionally distant from his elderly, senile father, Daniel nonetheless returns to South Africa to care for him during his final months. Following his father’s death, Daniel learns of an unusual clause in the old man’s will: he will only inherit his half of his father’s considerable estate once he has spent time with Theon, a cousin whom he hasn’t seen since they were boys, who lives on the old family farm in the Free State. Once there, Daniel discovers that the young son of the woman Theon lives with is seriously ill. With the conditions bearing on Daniel’s inheritance shifting in real time, Theon and Daniel travel with the boy to Japan for an experimental cure and a voyage that will change their lives forever.

S J Naudé’s masterful novel is many things at once: a literary page page-turner full of vivid, unexpected characters and surprising twists; a loving and at times shockingly raw portrayal of its protagonist’s complex psyche; and a devastatingly subtle look into South Africa’s fraught recent history.

The author

S J Naudé
S J Naudé is the author of two collections of short stories, The Alphabet of Birds and Mad Honey, and two novels, The Third Reel and Fathers and Fugitives. He is the winner of the Nadine Gordimer Short Story Award, the University of Johannesburg Prize, the kykNet-Rapport prize and is the only writer to win Hertzog Prize twice consecutively in its 100-year history. The Third Reel was shortlisted for the Sunday Times prize. His work has been published in Granta and other journals in the US, UK, Netherlands and Italy.

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